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Tracking your Lost Mobile Phone

Tracking your Lost Mobile Phone

A mobile phone is a matter of pride for many, but certainly a necessity for all users of this technological marvel. These cellular devices are not only used for talking or sending messages, but also for accessing e-mails, chatting with friends over social networking sites, and listening to your favorite songs. Losing a cell phone could be disturbing more so if it is featured and performs multiple functions.

Calm down

As soon as you realize this loss you tend to panic and make things more difficult for yourself and others around you. Under such situations it is essential to maintain composure and think rationally. Rational thinking would enable you to seek a proper course of action of tracking your misplaced or stolen handset. In most cases your cell device stays close to you hidden from sight. The easiest way to locate it is to call your number from another telephone. You might be surprised to locate it under a file, inside your hung coat pocket, or even inside your seat cleft.

Do not overlook your periphery

In case your misplaced phone cannot be located through calling, then it might be out of reach and sight. It is likely that your mobile device is inside a drawer or left inside a bathroom, or even left in your car. A thorough checking of all these places could help in tracking your lost mobile handset. In case your phone is answered by a receiver ask about his whereabouts so that the set could be returned. You could even offer an award commensurate with the value of your gadget to the finder of the instrument. An award could work as an incentive, since in many instances mobiles are stolen for money. Offering money could be sure way of getting back your featured phone. You might make this offer in the form of SMS also. It is not surprising that some of your friends love playing tricks on you, and frisking your cell device is just one of those. In such cases you usually get back your phone without trouble.

Tracking Applications aid immensely

A featured mobile handset is usually integrated with tracking applications. In the event of its misplacement it may be located with a cell device having similar applications. If after locating the missing phone you feel it necessary to inform police for its retrieval, please act accordingly. Some family tracking applications popularly used are ‘family locator’ and ‘iHound’. Smartphones and featured phones are integrated with advanced tracking features and are easily recoverable than ordinary handsets. There are certain service providers that seal their SIM card to the handset thereby preventing fraudulent use. It is also possible to remotely lock your mobile handset and delete all data that could be misused. Refer How to find lost phone - iphone, android phone
for mobile apps which will be useful to trace back the iphone and android phones. Wiping of these data which might contain your bank account details, debit or credit card numbers prevents illegal and unauthorized use of the same. Together with losing your handset you might lose money and credibility.

There are certain cellular devices in which locator applications might be loaded even after they go missing. For a particular brand of phone it is possible to install an application and run it remotely if the system is on. Thereafter, an e-mail into your account informing the whereabouts of this missing instrument is delivered to your address. This information is helpful to you as well as to police force if they are involved in this search.

Even after locating your missing handheld device you might not claim it without proper proof. In such situations, your original invoice comes in handy. In the absence of invoice, a bill with your mobile number, name and address would suffice. However, there is possibility that your device was sold on paperless billing. In such events, a bill might always be arranged from your seller confirming your authenticity with proper identity and proof.

Police Files

Filing a report with the police is imperative on losing your handset. A police report apart from assisting you in retrieving your cellular device would help you in claiming damages from insurance companies provided your instrument is insured. For filing reports you might need to furnish details of your handset with supporting documents such as bills, invoice, and manual. These are evidences of authenticity and must always be stored with safety. It is always wise to insure an expensive mobile phone since its loss could be substantially heavy. While reporting loss you should not use the emergency channel as a loss of cellular gadget is never treated as a disaster. Blocking of emergency lines for making such reports is also unwarranted.

Inform Service Provider

A vital step in tracking your cellular gadget is reporting your loss to service providers. Services to your stolen or lost handset must be suspended immediately to prevent fraudulent uses. In several occasions a cell phone might contain bank details like account numbers and PIN codes. Login passwords and usernames are often stored in mobile handsets which could be misused by miscreants. Hence, all login passwords and usernames should be changed instantly on noticing a loss of your communicating gadget. Service providers may be intimated over telephone or through e-mails. On receiving such complaints service providers are usually fast to respond. Your service provider after recording your complaint and substantiating you as the rightful owner could help you in locating your misplaced handset provided it is on and charged. A subpoena from the police might also be collected for release of more information bout the lost gadget.

Insist on IMEI if others fail

If all these methods fail in tracking your handheld equipment, upload your IMEI (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity) number to a global database. This is a unique number and hence is identifiable with a particular cellular device. With the assistance of this unique number it is possible to find individual modular devices.

Feature phone users must always be alert about their phone as they are versatile and expensive. Invoices, warranty cards, insurance documents should be kept in a secured place such they are readily available when required. Remote location applications should be downloaded as early as possible to prevent losses of gadgets and included data. It is wise to be in constant touch with your service provider as they are the best group of people to retrieve and repair your settings.

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